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Paper-Piecing Project – Mini Eve (from Wall-E) Pillow

Quilted Eve Pillow

This project wasn’t on my 12 for 2012, but it was on my sewing machine. And, I really want to clean my sewing machine off before tackling the 12 for 2012. My sewing machine is like any other horizontal surfaces in my house…it is subject to fierce piling, my “organizational” strategy.

This is paper piece pattern that liljabs made and is found on Fandom in Stitches.

Liljab is one of the designers at Fandom in Stitches…one day I would like to learn how to design paper-pieced patterns and I appreciate the designers who share their artwork and patterns with the world.

I decided to make a quilted pillow for my niece and I like how it turned out, I didn’t quilt the off white areas, just around Eve in the “space” area. I used metallic thread that doesn’t show up in the picture. The pattern is a 10 inch, but I forgot to turn off the scaling on my printer, so it ended up a bit smaller. When first stitching back in November, I didn’t recognize some of the different shades on the pattern – the greyscale represents different colors. This mess up derailed me for the past two months…does that happen to anyone else? Talking it through with my sister on why I was “blocked” and couldn’t finish the project, I realized that my colors didn’t have a darker shadow under Eve’s arm, so I decided to use a permanent fabric marker to “shade” that area in. It bothers me a bit, because it really should be her “body” and not the background under that “shading”, but I didn’t want to go back and rip the seams. It works good enough and I tried not to give up just because it wasn’t perfect. It could either get done or be perfect and I decided it needed to get done. I watched season 1 of Downton Abbey while working on Saturday too, that was fun.

The pillow has an envelope backing which is what I learned last year when doing the pillow project from Sew Mama Sew blogpost on How to make a basic pillow and finish with binding.

Envelope backing

I wish that I would have stuffed the pillow a bit less or made my envelope “flaps” longer because they tend to show the pillow underneath.

Here is my facebook album on that project last winter with photos…I didn’t have a blog back then and tried to enter the contest, so I needed to take photos and talk about my process. It was my first ever homemade pillow. I like pillows a lot now and think they are fun to make.

First Pillow I Made Winter 2011

This was a fun project to do. It is nice to clear it our of my brain and my sewing machine. Can’t wait to give it to my niece to enjoy. What do you like to make? Are you “blocked” on any project because it has problems? Push past them and get those done, even if they are “good enough” and not perfect 🙂

Making a Small Ironing Board Using a TV Tray

Not sure where this idea came from, I’m sure it wasn’t my original idea (don’t know who to give the idea credit to), but I have never seen a tutorial, so hopefully this is helpful to someone out there. I like to paper-piece when I am quilting and that process can take some ironing in between lots of little pieces, so I thought a small little ironing board would be helpful and convenient to have and use right beside my sewing machine. I used an old wooden TV tray, some extra cotton batting and some fabric to make a nice, small, personal ironing board.

I used old Warm and Natural Batting from another quilt project…keep those scraps, they come in handy. This tray was from Goodwill and we had been using it for school before this, yay for repurposing.
My husband helped me and decided to take the hardware off the bottom of the tray…I wouldn’t have done that, cause I am lazy and don’t care. I’m glad that he wanted it to last longer, so he unscrewed all of the hardware.
We used a stapler to staple the batting to the bottom of the tray and left the corner “ears” to deal with next.
We “cut” the ears a bit diagonally to take the bulk out before stapling the corners.
Stapling the batting corners down.
I had bought some neat fabric at the local box store when it was on sale, this is thick fabric, but I think any cotton would work well (something that can take the iron heat). We stapled it down just like we did the batting…and left these “ears” at the corner to deal with.
We didn’t cut the fabric at the corners (but you can), we just chose to for the batting (so it wouldn’t be bunchy underneath). We “opened” the ears like this to staple them down nice and smooth around the corners of the table.
When the ear is opened and folded down, it looks like this.
Then just staple it down.
We put plenty of staples to make it secure.
Putting the legs back on the table. We put our tray on upside down at first (my fabric was directional, so it made a difference…just keep an eye on that if you want your fabric to be right side up when the tray is folded down.)
Putting the other hardware on…this is the rest for the leg…this isn’t the safest table around (it can close easily while being moved) so be careful if you have little ones around.
Yay, it’s finished and it works great! Thanks to my husband for the awesome help!

My Personal 12 for 2012 – Quilty Goals

Jen Ofenstein's 12 for 2012 large graphic

Jen Ofenstein

over at

and lots of other places too 🙂  came up with this great idea…try to get motivated to get our UFOs (Un Finished Objects) finished in 2012, here’s her blogpost describing the details Jennifer’s 12 for 2012 blogpost.  I loved the idea and I have A LOT of quilty UFO’s in my closet.  Jen even said that we could use her awesome graphics on our blogs, thanks Jen…I am still new to this bloggy thing, so any help I can get is so great 🙂


Jen Ofenstein's 12 in 2012 logo

January 2012 Project 1/12

Bagladies Quilt Club Quilt Blocks- (2010)

  • 2011 Status – Through 2010 and into 2011, I got to make a block for each lady every month using a new technique that we learned throughout the year. At the end in March 2011, I got to be surprised with the quilt blocks made just for me. It was wonderful to be so loved and thought of; each block was made with love thinking about my own interests and family. I learned a lot that year, it was my first time learning a lot of the techniques and I enjoyed it.
  • 2012 Goal – The year 2011 has been the hardest year of my life and I really fell off the sewing train, even though I enjoy it so much. It was emotional reasons that kept me from sewing and having fun, plus it was difficult to accept the love that this quilt represents. But, I have decided this quilt needs to be my first to finish in Jan 2012, just because I need to accept the love that it is to me and that I do deserve to experience and feel that.
  • Update: Progress on this quilt top can be seen here.

    Jen Ofenstein's 12 in 2012 logo

    February 2012 Project 2/12

    Small “Hamster” Batik Quilt (2009)

  • 2011 Status – I didn’t even touch these blocks in 2010 and 2011. These were a block of the month 2009 at a quilt store that I try to go to when I am in town visiting the doctor, but I felt bad that I didn’t get the last two block instructions for the last months. They used Thangles, which I don’t like anymore (they work fine, but after learning a quicker way to make half square triangles, I gave up on Thangles and got bummed about the little quilt, that my husband lovingly refers to as a “hamster” quilt.
  • 2012 Goal – I would like to make my own blocks (I’m not sure how many more I need to make to make a small quilt (for a babydoll or a wallhanging). I would like to give it to my daughter, Gladiolus, who has a pillow that I made out the same color fabric last winter 2011. I need to make a border and backing for it as well. I have enough batting from other quilt scraps to use and will probably piece the backing. I will make a hanger on the back if my daughter wants it as a wallhanging.
  • Here is the finished February 12 for 2012 project! Woohoo! I even wrote on the back with permanent marker which I never usually remember to do when I am finally finished.

    Mini Batik Quilt is finished and Gladiolus is happy!

    Jen Ofenstein's 12 in 2012 logo

    March 2012 Project 3/12

    Starlight Block of the Month 2011

  • 2011 Status – I made only a few of these, I thought they would look neat using my daughter’s favorite colors of purple and blues…but the instructions were poorly written and the one on the left side of the picture was so baggy, I got fed up. I still went and got the fabric every month and I even bought most of the finishing kit…I still need to get the binding for my kit though I just remembered. I think I just need to rework that one on the left, quilting it will only make it more wrinkly :/
  • 2012 Goal – I want to finish the blocks and put it together and quilted in March and it would be great to give to my daughter for her birthday in April.
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    April 2012 Project 4/12

    KidsPlay T-shirt quilt (2011)

  • 2011 Status – My oldest daughter graduated from the KidsPlay, Inc community theater in Spring 2011 and we started making her t-shirt quilt then hoping to have it finished shortly after graduation. We got the last t-shirt that we were missing and we have already put interfacing on most of the t-shirts
  • 2012 Goal – I would like to finish this T-shirt quilt for my oldest daughter and make sure that I am saving my youngest children’s t-shirts for this express purpose too (it’s hard to come by old show shirts, I have found). Getting these shirts all faced, buying the sashing, backing and quilting it is my goal for April 2012.
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    May 2012 Project 5/12

    Philodendron’s Surprise Flowery Quilt (2011)

  • 2011 Status – I really liked this recipe from Moda’s website by Amanda Herring. I don’t even remember when I first saw it, I think I heard Amanda Herring on Pat Sloan’s radio show the year before? and checked her recipe out on the website, there are lots of cool freebie patterns on Moda Bakeshop.
  • 2012 Goal – My second daughter wanted a flowery quilt and I would love to put this one together, quilted and bound (I already have the top finished and have a green minky fabric backing and the cotton batting) for my daughter’s birthday in May 2012.
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    June 2012 Project 6/12

    Summer Quilt Block of the Week (2010)

  • 2011 Status – I didn’t touch this quilt-top in 2011 either, my sister and I had worked on it together in the Summer 2010 following Brady Sparrow’s awesome tutorial and instructions on her free quilt block of the week. IT was free then, I had to buy the last pattern on etsy, it doesn’t show up on Etsy right now, but you can probably contact her if you are interested in the pattern. I finished the quilt top in Dec 2010. I did piece the backing (using leftover fabric) in the early months of 2011…I found all of these fabrics in the remnant section of the quilt store, SCORE…and I was making it for myself.
  • 2012 Goal – I would like to have my Summer quilt put together and quilted and bound in the month of June 2012.

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    July 2012 Project 7/12

    Panel that I liked and thought I would make for someone (2010)

  • 2011 Status – I saw this panel and thought it would make a cute present. In fall of 2011, I tried to quilt it using the John Flynn Quilt Frame, but I think the panel was too narrow for the frame and the tension was weird. Plus, I was using my sewing machine that isn’t adjustable with the pressure foot pressure, so I got totally discouraged and stopped. I really want to get better at free motion quilting and like Leah’s website The Free Motion Quilting Project
  • 2012 Goal – Just quilt the thing without the frame and decide who I want to give it to, or what to do with it. I have the backing and batting already, it would be a wallhanging.
  • Jen Ofenstein's 12 in 2012 logo

    August 2012 Project 8/12

    Placemats that I bought for a Friend in 2009…I can’t find the panels to take a picture, but her birthday is in August and I want to find those things, put borders on them, quilt them and give them to her for her birthday at the end of August.

    Jen Ofenstein's 12 in 2012 logo

    September 2012 Project 9/12

    Project of Doom (2011)

  • 2011 Status – I began this free paper piecing block of the week following Jennifer Ofenstein’s great tutorials and group Project of Doom Free Paper Pieced Patterns. When I began in Jan 2011, I thought it would be finished at the beginning of the summer and I wanted to give it to a friend, but it was like a 30 week time frame. I really wanted to get it finished to possibly display at our local Arts and Crafts fair this fall, but never got it finished. Again, I only have about 6 blocks left to put together, but I have just fallen off the sewing band wagon. I still want to give this away to my friend, but I may ask her if we can display it at the local library and the arts and craft fair still.
  • 2012 Goal – I want to finish the last 6 blocks, put the top together and figure out the border…I thought this red would look neat, but now I have doubts. I will probably piece the back using the extras from the blocks that I can put together. I would love to have all this done in September 2012 (it’s kind of a fall-ish quilt) and have time to enter it in the local quilt fair.
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    October 2012 Project 10/12

    Philodendron’s Lap Quilt (2010)

  • 2011 Status – I don’t think I helped Philodendron on this at all this last year, we were almost finished and got off track…all she needs is the binding finished.
  • 2012 Goal – Up until this point, my daughter has sewn the binding herself (the whole quilt has been her first quilt and she has done most of the work, but I may help her, so she can be finished and feel her accomplishment…after putting this list of 12 in 2012 in order, I really don’t think this has to wait until this point; in fact I want to go do it now! I feel bad that it has been put off. Mom guilt is tough :/ I sometimes get a bad case of it.
  • *Update 1/3/12 – Finished Philodendron’s quilt, she is happy 🙂

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    November 2012 Project 11/12

    My first Block of the Month – Batiks (2009)

  • 2011 Status – I didn’t touch these once in 2011. These were my first sewing project since I tried to sew a bit in high school and made stuffed rabbits for my sisters with a lot of my mother-in-law’s help (well, before my husband and I got married, thanks Nancy again for your patience and help!) My sister, who had been wanting to quilt with me and I am so glad that we did start this journey, and I did these at the same time at a local quilt shop (they gave us some of the colors and we could pick one other color) and I got the pattern to place them on point and I cannot find it anywhere.
  • 2012 Goal – I have lost the pattern and am hoping that by November 2012, I will have found it and can put this quilt together (or just figure out how to put it together on point). I have the backing and sashing material. I think I will use the extra blocks to make pillows or something. These were my first ever pieced blocks and some of them are rough, but I still like them and want to remember them.
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    December 2012 Project 12/12

    Wool Applique Quilt 2010

  • 2011 Status – I didn’t touch these once in 2011. I went to one class about an hour away in the summer 2010 and thought I would continue to go and finish this quilt, but I never got back there. I loved the bright colors and soft wool and felt feel. I have collected wool sweaters from goodwill and garage sales and can’t wait to get this together
  • 2012 Goal – I have the pattern for this and all of my foundation pieces sewn together. Now I just need to cut out all of the snowmen (it’s a calendar quilt with 12 blocks) and begin piecing them. It would be fun to do one every month this year, but I think I have my work cut out for me…I will try to work on this in December and see how far I get. I guess it’s good to shoot for the moon, cause if I miss, I’ll at least reach the stars, ha!