About Us

We are a family of six here in central Indiana and if you’d like to read about our canine family members, it’s found here. My husband and I went to Purdue University and married the year before we graduated. We got to live in Texas our first years of marriage and child raising, where we met awesome friends and learned lots of great things from them, plus we were close to the Barnes and Noble down the road (haha, too close for our checkbook). Our first square foot gardens, thanks to Mel Bartholomew’s book, were made when our oldest daughter was only a toddler and we enjoyed getting outside and growing things despite the fire ants that tried to wreck our motivation. We even made a small little trail in our suburban backyard, so our children could ride their trikes out there.

Our backyard in TX, the trail and one squarefoot garden is kind of visible on the left.

We have four children who I will give pseudonyms for here: Petunia, Philodendron, Gladiolus, and Cactus Jack. Since they were little, we have been homeschooling and now Petunia is now in high school, my how time flies.

It was always a dream to move back to the midwest where most of our extended family lives (we want our children to enjoy those important relationships), and we jumped at that opportunity about 8 years ago. We rented a place in town for a few years while we toyed with the idea of building a house on about 5 acres. Building wasn’t for us, we realized after awhile, and so decided to buy an existing house. While looking for houses, we “gave” up the dream of a little farmette/homestead in the country because the dream just seemed insurmountable.

About 5 years ago, we got to buy this place with some acreage and it has been a huge blessing to us, but also a huge challenge. It had a barn and fences and we were so excited to use the land to the best of our ability, which wasn’t a huge ability, but at least we wanted to strive to learn. Currently, we are here having learned some things, in the process of learning new things and making mistakes along the way.

We have learned so much from the great people on the interwebs, and even though we like our privacy, we decided to start this blog as a thank you to all the kind and sharing people who have taught us along the way. It is a documentation of our journey that will help us to stay focused and motivated during the discouraging and failure-filled days that we have grown and learned, even if it is baby steps. Hopefully, we can give back just a little to anyone else also learning to live a bit more self sufficient and home-centered lives.

Please let us know what you think of our blog, ask questions and tell us what you are up to. It would be great to hear if you have any questions or want to learn something that we maybe haven’t thought to share. Thanks for visiting our little “home” on the web.