Making a Small Ironing Board Using a TV Tray

Not sure where this idea came from, I’m sure it wasn’t my original idea (don’t know who to give the idea credit to), but I have never seen a tutorial, so hopefully this is helpful to someone out there. I like to paper-piece when I am quilting and that process can take some ironing in between lots of little pieces, so I thought a small little ironing board would be helpful and convenient to have and use right beside my sewing machine. I used an old wooden TV tray, some extra cotton batting and some fabric to make a nice, small, personal ironing board.

I used old Warm and Natural Batting from another quilt project…keep those scraps, they come in handy. This tray was from Goodwill and we had been using it for school before this, yay for repurposing.
My husband helped me and decided to take the hardware off the bottom of the tray…I wouldn’t have done that, cause I am lazy and don’t care. I’m glad that he wanted it to last longer, so he unscrewed all of the hardware.
We used a stapler to staple the batting to the bottom of the tray and left the corner “ears” to deal with next.
We “cut” the ears a bit diagonally to take the bulk out before stapling the corners.
Stapling the batting corners down.
I had bought some neat fabric at the local box store when it was on sale, this is thick fabric, but I think any cotton would work well (something that can take the iron heat). We stapled it down just like we did the batting…and left these “ears” at the corner to deal with.
We didn’t cut the fabric at the corners (but you can), we just chose to for the batting (so it wouldn’t be bunchy underneath). We “opened” the ears like this to staple them down nice and smooth around the corners of the table.
When the ear is opened and folded down, it looks like this.
Then just staple it down.
We put plenty of staples to make it secure.
Putting the legs back on the table. We put our tray on upside down at first (my fabric was directional, so it made a difference…just keep an eye on that if you want your fabric to be right side up when the tray is folded down.)
Putting the other hardware on…this is the rest for the leg…this isn’t the safest table around (it can close easily while being moved) so be careful if you have little ones around.
Yay, it’s finished and it works great! Thanks to my husband for the awesome help!

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