What to share and how much?

I could barely sleep last night, so much is running around in my brain.  Maybe that’s why writing this all down will be cathartic and I can sleep again past 2am.  I haven’t actually published our blog out into the “real” world, it’s just sitting here with a link from my personal FB page.  So, today I want to “share” it, and I wanted to ask my readers a question, nothing like jumping into asking for feedback already, huh?  OK, here’s my question…we homeschool;  would it make sense to share that aspect of our farm life too?  Our life is all integrated together, so it is tough to separate it into parts anyway, but I don’t know how/if I could share more than homeschool blogs already have out there, and I don’t know how diverse a blog can be and make sense and be “readable” (is that even a word?)?  Again, I am new to this blogging thing and even though it is cathartic to me to write, I really do want to have something that someone may benefit from reading; at least I flatter myself that that could be possible from my brain 🙂

It’s Friday and sunny outside and we plan on finishing up some winter projects this weekend.  Pat is trying to extend our automatic waterers in our barn (they aren’t insulated ones, just the regular metal ones) which would already be frozen up this time last year.  We are trying to see how long we can go with a new recirculating set-up he is working on.

Pat also wants to make a few more candyboards to put into our hives that may have low honey reserves (they were some of our newer hive splits from this summer).

I need to put my duck and chicken stock away that I pressure canned the other day and do general cleaning/organizing around this place.  Plus, I am learning about blogs and SEO packs and analytics too…I have been listening to   5 minutes with Jack and I appreciate his generosity and awesome experience that he gives to start a blog and a business.  I feel like I am taking a class that would have cost a lot of money to get all of the information that he willingly shares (with a few curse words, but that doesn’t bother me (it is mostly just one word), I just share that so it isn’t shocking to anyone.)  What he provides is some great stuff.  I’m off to try to figure out a landing page and some analytics and Woopra right now for my homework.

Have a great weekend!