Locust Farms Mating Nuc Update May 8, 2012

Yay, I am so happy after checking the nucs today! We saw 13 of our mating nucs with nice sized laying queens (it’s amazing how fast their abdomens grew in about 6 days). So, we hope that they continue to do well and we will be able to meet our first year’s nuc orders, whew, what a stress relief.

We were privileged to have our first nuc customers out last Friday to our apiary. They bought two of our strong 2011 nucs that were ready to go home and it was so fun talking bees with them. It was a bit like sending thousands of my own babies away, but I know they will have a great home and hope they do great work!

I love bees.

Petunia took this photo as practice for 4H photography project – It’s one of our bees on a peach blossom earlier this spring, they’re working girls.