Stepping Out on a (LocustFarms) Limb

December 1, 2011 – I guess that this is the day I choose to start this blog.  I have been resistant to the idea for many months, maybe years.  It really doesn’t make logical sense (my resistance, hopefully not my blog), as I enjoy reading/learning so much from other people’s blogs and videos and altruistic teaching on the interwebs.  But (and isn’t there always a big “but”), I am a private person who has lots of insecurities…I don’t really want to open myself up to judgment and criticism…but I am beginning to  realize that I am looking at this from the wrong perspective.  Yes, there is criticism and judgement out there in the world, but there is also neat learning opportunities and  encouragement to do even better with the life I have been given as well (kind of like the glass is half full thingie).  So, I am stepping out and doing this for myself and my children, having some posterity and what-not to look back on.  I have never been a journal writer or a diary keeper, but having a farm-ette sure takes a lot of brain power to remember stuff and I think this blog will be my brain dump, a public diary into our goings on and learning curve, and oh, what a steep one it is.