March Sewing Projects and Updates 2012

Pretty-fying my Ironing Board

My ironing board was ugly and needed a facelift! I had extra fabric from my mini-ironing board project so I used that so they would be twinkies.

Philodendron was kind enough to take off the old top and use the foam to be a pattern to mark on the fabric that we wanted to cover the ironing board with. It wasn’t perfectly cut out, but it was going to be fine and I truly appreciated her help and time.

The fabric folded once inside itself and stitched with a straight stitch to make it a “finished” edge, so it wouldn’t fray, it isn’t perfect, but it works great.
I didn’t want to take the time to thread the string through the whole cover, so I just sewed the string (it was in the cover previously) in the seam while finishing the seam edge. I pinned the string at the beginning so it wouldn’t pull through during sewing.
I used a piping foot while sewing in the string and finishing the seam, but I don’t think it is necessary, just take care not to sew the string to the fabric since it needs to move to tighten around the ironing board.
It is so lumpy! It needs tightened!
Almost tight enough
Putting it upside to down to get it really tight, I asked Cactus Jack to hold it with his finger so I could tie it very tightly.
The cover is tight enough for me and much prettier.

Organized my fabric with the ruler folding technique which is awesome!

Using this tutorial I organized the fabric I have been buying from some groups on Facebook, which is so fun and dangerous too! I needed them organized to be able to see what I had to work with. One of my daughters wasn’t using this shelf that she had in her room, so I borrowed it and love it.

Philly’s Bias Skirt

The first cut-I didn’t understand the instructions at first here on this tutorial, and it was only supposed to be a 5 minute skirt, heehee, but I knew it would be longer since I don’t have a serger, but the tutorial was very helpful.
Since I didn’t understand the cutting instuctions, this is what happened the skirt was too long at the side seams, it needed to be gradually cut up toward the seams, so I trimmed it.
I used FOE (fold over elastic) for the waist, which was wonderful to work with. And I roll hemmed the bottom hem which I learned how to do in the following video from youtube and my sister helped me while using her machine and rolled hem foot, yay! Collaboration!

This rolled hem tutorial was very helpful to me.

Petunia’s Paperbag skirt

I had bought some “camo” type fabric on sale a couple of summers ago and I wanted to make a skirt with it. While searching for free skirt patterns I learned about the Paper bag skirt pattern on this blog.

It took me nearly all day to finish that skirt, but I actually accomplished it in one day! I think the quick clothing is really fun for me to see the progress and the finality of it. My quilts are just not the same and I think these shorter distractions were helpful to my brain. Plus the girls loved their clothes which really motivated me to keep on making projects!