Update on 12 for 2012 and other sewing too – February 2012

This whole project to finish 12 in 2012 has been very motivating! I have been sewing my little heart out, but I still haven’t finished January or March’s UFOs, whoops!

January project, still in progress

January’s project is being attempted to be quilted as I go (or QAYG – which is “Quilt As You Go” method, using those wacky acronyms that quilty people use and I take a while to decipher). I have quilted all of the three sections and now I just need to get it together into one large quilt. I am afraid to put them together and I know that is what is blocking me from feeling confident enough to go for it.

Taking breaks from my January project during the thread painting out of sheer frustration and needing a distraction. The threadpainting took a lot longer than I anticipated and I learned that I really am not a detail person; it’s not my strength.

Happily distracted with cute clothing patterns online for free!

I have been making cute clothes though, my first time ever, unless the skirt I made in 8th grade Home Ec counts…that skirt’s process was so painful, I don’t really count that as fun or sewing, more like torture!

Fat Quarter Dress

This fabric that I found at Tuesday Morning – love that store – during Christmas break was really calling my name to do something with it. When I saw a person post on one of my Facebook fabric groups about pillowcase dresses and fat quarter dresses as a spin off, I found that fabric’s purpose!
The fabric was perfect for a Valentine’s dress for my niece. It was still chilly and she wore it with a long sleeve shirt underneath and some leggings. She loved it and I was so happy! The tutorial at The Mother Huddle.com I followed was pretty clear, but I didn’t understand the armhole instructions, but fortunately her great pictures helped me understand better. The ribbon is a little “slippery” on the shoulders, so I think next time I will make a fabric “ribbon” to thread through the top.

Zig-Zag Skirt

I made two skirts for each of my daughters using this Moda Tutorial from this awesome blog of PolkaDotChair here and Moda Bake Shop. The tutorial was great, but I misunderstood and didn’t have enough triangles to make two rows, so I just made one row and changed up the placement of the row for each of my daughter’s skirts.

Patchwork Drawstring Bag

Pinterest is always inspiring and I loved this tutorial I found on some patchwork bags found here at Pink Penguin. The bags are so cute and they are a great way to use up scrap fabric pieces and they are a perfect size for my daughters to use for purses. We made them with drawstrings and the girls like the ability to open and close them easily.

Update on my February 12 for 2012 project – I got it finished, woohoo!

My original post laid out my goals for this year here. I’m getting there slowly, but surely!

I had missed some months for the block of the month tutorial, so I had to make my own blocks up from a picture of the finished quilt that I had taken.
A mini block with one inch squares
Quilting the mini quilt, hiding the threads was the most difficult since I stitched and stopped on the middle sashing..
Gladiolus was very happy!

It was a fun month to stay inside and sew. Even though I didn’t get my January project finished, I had lots of fun working on these clothing projects and seeing the children’s faces made it all the more fun. I think I may be addicted to sewing clothing and I know I have lots to learn, thankfully the internet is full of knowledgeable and sharing people. Thanks to all of you out there that make it possible for me to learn!