Cutting Costs-Haircuts at Home

I think I feel just as happy to cut his hair as he does to have it done :)
Pat After A Much Needed Haircut

My husband and I got married before our last year in college. We had about 3 dollars every week that was “discretionary” for each of us…and that was after cutting expenses and being strong budgetters. We lived in married student housing and we ate lots of ramen noodles (still do, just not every day). One way that I decided that we could cut expenses is that I could learn to cut Pat’s hair. At that time, back in 1994, his haircuts were about $12-$15 and he needed one at least every 6 weeks.

I don’t think that I would have even thought cutting my husband’s hair was a possibility if he hadn’t gotten the WORST haircut ever one night while visiting my family over a weekend. When he came out from behind the wall, he looked like an eraserhead, bad. It was so bad, my younger sister, who is a very easy going person told the lady the haircut was unsatisfactory and we needed it fixed. I think I was so in shock I couldn’t say anything. The manager made him look better than he looked, but he still wasn’t “right”.

When Pat’s parents asked what I wanted for a Christmas present that first Christmas we were married, I asked for a haircut set…the one from Walmart with clippers, scissors and it even had a video. It was my favorite present and one that gave back over and over. Of course, the first time I cut Pat’s hair, it took like 2 hours. And the haircut wasn’t the eraserhead look, yay! I even checked out books at the library for home haircutting back then and learned some ideas to make him look even better, nowadays there are even good YouTube videos (I found a great way to cut my daughter’s long layers on a cool and informative video, I haven’t ever checked to see if there is a video showing a man’s haircut).

Pat Really Needed a Haircut

I now have bought some nicer scissors at Sally’s Beauty Supply, which make a difference in the ease the hair cuts. The only down side is that I feel total guilt when I haven’t taken the time to cut my husband’s hair. I don’t even have any good excuse, he sets up and cleans up the hair cutting “station”, which is just a canvas tarp on the floor with the chair in the middle, close to the electrical outlet for the clippers.

Some husbands wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice their hair to their wife’s learning curve and I totally understand that, this cost cutting measure isn’t for every family. It has worked for us and it may work for you.