Planted our First Seeds of 2012

My husband and I spent some time last night planting our first seeds of the year. He had taken the time to clean out the old seedling planters and move the plants that had been growing in there since last summer (oops, we didn’t transplant some) in our growboxes.

Sadly, the guilt of not transplanting last year could have prevented me from planting new seeds this year, so I am thankful that Pat took care of the mess and took the burden off my shoulders, whew.

We used our growboxes again which we learned from Jack Spirko’s Grow Light System. The boxes are now in our laundry room on a timer to turn them on and off (they need darkness too).

Growboxes on the timer. The top box includes the older plants that we never transplanted last summer. Sunberries are trailing over the edge.

We started the rest of our tomato seeds that were from last year (I had gotten from a big box store), some bell peppers, celery and different herbs.

On my list to purchase: some heirloom tomato seeds (there are so many choices, I haven’t decided what I really want) and comfrey seeds (I tried last year and never got them to grow past the seedling stage…I don’t think we transplanted them properly.)

Seeds we started Jan 29, 2012. Some are older and may not germinate, but we tried just to see.

It sure is fun to think that spring starts in tiny seeds. Really, it’s amazing to see how little they are, but they contain life inside to make all kinds of yummy food in the future. I love the whole process and enjoyed working with Pat last night, it was the best kind of date-night.

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  1. avatar Clint Baker

    Great post!

  2. avatar Kelly

    This makes me so excited about getting my seeds! Love that set up 🙂