Update on my 12 for 2012 Quilty Goals

Jen Ofenstein's 12 for 2012 large graphic

I shared here that I would like to get some of these UFO’s finished, and I wanted to share a picture-full blogpost with you to show you how it’s going.

After piecing the main quilt into 1/3 sections, I did a lot of research on the quilt as you go method. I haven’t decided what method I will try yet, but will let you know what I decide. It seems like there are a lot of ideas out there, which made it kind of confusing to me. I will share what I have finished this far and I hope to get the whole thing done by the end of January, boy that’s coming fast.

An update on my quilt…the process, oh the process.

Horrible picture, but wanted to show my mistake. When I first made this block (one of my first ever), I made it for vertical not landscape…oops, so I had to rethink the block.
I needed to take off the “side” stuff that I didn’t even like. My seam ripper is my friend, I call him Victor.
Laying the quilt blocks out according to the pattern, I think.
This is the paper our quilt group followed to make the right dimensioned block (and orientation as it so happens, I figured that out after mine fortunately.)
Some of the blocks needed squared up. Thanks to my husband for helping me with that!
Getting a better idea of orientation and colors.
When these two blocks were pieced together the top one screamed that it needed “something” in those white spots.
I didn’t want to take the time to applique something, so I had an idea to use the fabric paint pens that I had bought at JoAnn’s thanksgiving sale…I was going to use them for another project, but never got around to it. I made my own letter templates using some regular engineering paper.
I practiced with the fabric pen and templates on some cotton muslin first. I traced the template with a regular pencil and got to color in with the pen.
I wrote “Family” on some paper to make sure that the writing would fit on my white fabric well and I made my letters that size.
Regular pencil was used on here.
The cursive writing was done, now to color in the “JOY”.
While coloring, I realized that the fabric’s texture was coming more clear, it was snowflakes…it was a perfect accident and I love it.
The top with the addition of red goes great with the cute snowmen now.
Found out I had someone else’s quilt block with mine, oops. Glad I can give it back to the rightful owner before too much time had passed by.
Looking to see what red borders would look like in the middle and getting layout just right to put together.
Top 1/3 sewn together, yay!
Middle part sewn together, we had to add some borders to the top and bottom of my original block because of the orientation mix up that I made.
Bottom 1/3 sewn together, here they all are at this point. Now I need to get to the backings.