My Home Goals/Projects – 2012 – The Laundry Room

This blog thingie has been great to get all of the stuff floating around in my mind out. It feels good to make it concrete out in the world and allow my brain a breather. In October, I “met” Jules from Pancakes and French Fries over at Pinterest when I saw a picture of her shoe organization and spent time reading her blog about her William Morris Project on my phone while laying in bed suffering from insomnia. I called my sister, Carmen, and told her about The William Morris Project the next morning, I was so excited!

The William Morris Project is based on the quote by William Morris who apparently was a textile designer and artist and had many other interests; his artwork and textiles influenced the decorating of churches and homes in Europe (thanks to wikipedia for helping learn who he was). His quote is simply this:

Jules over at Pancakes and French Fries has invited others to share how the William Morris Project has helped them and she encouraged us to share our progress every Thursday. I love Jule’s list where she wrote about her home and the intentional plans she has for each room. I have a list like that in my brain that I may eventually organize and share here, so I can have more space in my brain. Today, I’ll share how I got motivated to work on my laundry room and what plans I still have for it.

My husband went on a business trip not long after reading Jule’s blog and I decided it was time to tackle my laundry room; it was a bit out of control.

Yep, that’s my gardenia that needs to be indoors in the winter and someone’s lone underwear…it happens OK?
My growboxes were in the dining room, which made for interesting conversation starters, especially when we had a state trooper and his family over…

I didn’t want to have my garden growboxes in my dining room anymore, I thought they could work in my laundry room if I made a few alterations, thus begins the laundry room project…

There was a cabinet that was hard to reach over the deep counter, I thought the growboxes might fit here.
Cleaned off everything from the cabinet and on the countertop, some of this stuff was here when we moved in.
Trying to unscrew the cabinet…I ended up finding a drill to help me, the manual screwdriver was killing my hands. I used my laundry soap to catch it when it gave. One screw was hidden and it took all my patience not to try to rip the thing out of the wall before I found the screw under the cabinet.
Found a basket that had been outside for ages that could hold the dog grooming supplies.
Now to find room for the basket of dog grooming supplies. The lady who lived here before us left most of these cleaning supplies, I have probably only 4 things that I have put in there. She was a much better “cleaner” than I am, but I appreciate her Goo-B-Gone and the stainless steel cleaner and am slowly using stuff.
One of the cleaners in that cabinet…it’s scary how old it is…I think next Tox-Away day, I will clean out this cabinet of any cleaners that I will never use.
The dog grooming supplies fit!
Vacuuming the dusty and dirty countertop
I found some sweet pictures that my children made and got some magnets to put them on the freezer. I’ve never put a magnet on the freezer…I always thought it could only be on the refrigerator. It makes the laundry room “happier”.
While cleaning out the shelves, I found some stuff to get rid of and decided to use some pretties that I love, but hadn’t used in a long time.
I wanted to hang some little plant vases in front of the windows, but had to screw in these hooks, it helped to use a washcloth to save my fingers.
I like them!
Both plant hangers are hung up, yay!
The growboxes fit. My husband put them on a timer too, so I don’t have to remember to turn them on and off, thanks Pat!
The milk pasteurizer fits right by the growboxes.
This coatrack was in the laundry room closet taking up space; my husband had made it for the children’s winter clothes and supplies when we rented a house and didn’t have a closet. I want to use the hangers to put in the closet for their winter gear and use the wood to make a Pinterest project that I am excited about. But, I want to use an old door that I bought at an auction for $1.00 for the top with some plexiglass on it…I think it will work.

Thanks for joining me to see my laundry room project, inspired by the William Morris Project. I’ll try to get my list together and have something to share with you next Thursday, that will keep me motivated. Thanks again Jules for your help and encouragement!

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  1. avatar Jules

    Oh my goodness–grow boxes? I think you are just the person to help me figure out what to plant underneath my Chinese elm. I wish I knew more about plants and flowering plants. My knowledge is basic, at best.

  2. avatar Kelly S.

    Hello, linking over from Jules site. I’m so jealous that you actually have a laundry “room.” Mine is almost closet-sized, with no window or sink. Your re-do looks great, you must be loving all the new organization!

  3. avatar May

    Tackling my laundry room is on my project list (AGAIN) this year too! That room can sure spiral out of control, can’t it? Yours looks so good now that it is making me want to get started on mine.

  4. avatar Monica

    Hi Lais! Stopping by from Jules’ WMP. Great growboxes! Have you already sowed seeds? I thought I had another month or two before starting my tomatoes and such.

  5. avatar Pamelotta

    Hi Lais, thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you, too! You did a great job on your laundry room. I used to live in a 100 year old farmhouse and the room that was an add-on in ours happened to be my son’s room. I should have just turned it into a laundry room! 😉
    I’m impressed with your grow boxes. I know it feels good to garden. I’ll have to get back to it.