Paper-Piecing Project – Mini Eve (from Wall-E) Pillow

Quilted Eve Pillow

This project wasn’t on my 12 for 2012, but it was on my sewing machine. And, I really want to clean my sewing machine off before tackling the 12 for 2012. My sewing machine is like any other horizontal surfaces in my house…it is subject to fierce piling, my “organizational” strategy.

This is paper piece pattern that liljabs made and is found on Fandom in Stitches.

Liljab is one of the designers at Fandom in Stitches…one day I would like to learn how to design paper-pieced patterns and I appreciate the designers who share their artwork and patterns with the world.

I decided to make a quilted pillow for my niece and I like how it turned out, I didn’t quilt the off white areas, just around Eve in the “space” area. I used metallic thread that doesn’t show up in the picture. The pattern is a 10 inch, but I forgot to turn off the scaling on my printer, so it ended up a bit smaller. When first stitching back in November, I didn’t recognize some of the different shades on the pattern – the greyscale represents different colors. This mess up derailed me for the past two months…does that happen to anyone else? Talking it through with my sister on why I was “blocked” and couldn’t finish the project, I realized that my colors didn’t have a darker shadow under Eve’s arm, so I decided to use a permanent fabric marker to “shade” that area in. It bothers me a bit, because it really should be her “body” and not the background under that “shading”, but I didn’t want to go back and rip the seams. It works good enough and I tried not to give up just because it wasn’t perfect. It could either get done or be perfect and I decided it needed to get done. I watched season 1 of Downton Abbey while working on Saturday too, that was fun.

The pillow has an envelope backing which is what I learned last year when doing the pillow project from Sew Mama Sew blogpost on How to make a basic pillow and finish with binding.

Envelope backing

I wish that I would have stuffed the pillow a bit less or made my envelope “flaps” longer because they tend to show the pillow underneath.

Here is my facebook album on that project last winter with photos…I didn’t have a blog back then and tried to enter the contest, so I needed to take photos and talk about my process. It was my first ever homemade pillow. I like pillows a lot now and think they are fun to make.

First Pillow I Made Winter 2011

This was a fun project to do. It is nice to clear it our of my brain and my sewing machine. Can’t wait to give it to my niece to enjoy. What do you like to make? Are you “blocked” on any project because it has problems? Push past them and get those done, even if they are “good enough” and not perfect 🙂

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  1. avatar Liljabs

    Your Eve came out beautifully 🙂