Family First Aid Kit

My husband and three daughters went in town to help clean up one of the community rooms for an upcoming meeting. On the old building, there is a horrible, heavy door that slams shut very fast and unfortunately Petunia got her index finger caught in it while carrying items outside. This time we were more prepared than we had been the last time…[flashback to the last time].

Philodendron had a similar situation at our church VBS in summer 2010 during clean up. She got her pinky caught in the truck bed cover latch and hurt her nail and finger badly. There was a small first aid kit at the church, but it didn’t have everything we wanted to help her. Fortunately a friend had Ibuprofen in her purse for pain and we had a bandaid from the first aid kit. We decided we needed to get a first aid kit together and keep it in the car.

We put the first aid kits together, but they weren’t ALL the way together (I hate my perfectionistic tendencies that cause me to think it has to be “right” before it’s done, whereas “good enough” usually works most of the time), so they ended up in a storage room until just recently when we cleaned that out getting ready for guests for the holidays, yay for deadlines! [Now back to current time]

Now we have a first aid kit in each car and our house. They could still use some stocking on a lot of things, but we have the basics: gloves, bandages, gauze, tape, Aleve, scissors, breakable ice things, wound closure strips, butterfly bandages, neosporin, and meat tenderizer (to make a paste for stings).

Our “At Home” First Aid Kit

My husband was so happy to be able to send one of the girls to get the first aid kit, while he helped Petunia with her injury. We try to take care of even small injuries quickly to try to lower the risk of infections, so even using minimal products can help contain the risk.

So, do you have a first aid kit? Do you carry one in your car?

While putting our first aid kits together, we liked the First Aid videos by Dr. Schulze. He has great ideas of what to include in a first aid kit, including his herbal tinctures that he sells, but he talks about more than his tinctures as well; he talks about how to talk to an injury victim and how to treat them.

Dr. Schulze has a blog where I got these videos and there is so much information there too. I will link to a few of the First Aid videos and also the entire one at the end. It entire one is long, but full of information that was helpful to me and I wanted to share with you if it might be helpful to you. His videos are hard to embed (I can’t figure it out), but I will try to link directly to his first video here: