Locust Farms Honeybee Nucs – 2013 Waiting list is Full

Due to a sad number of losses (it was most likely a management issue on our part with underestimating the amount of food the bees needed this spring) here at Locust Farms near Knightstown, Indiana right off I-70; here are directions to the apiary our waiting list for nucs is full. If you want to be on the list for the waiting list, you are more than welcome to write, because there are sometimes availabilities due to unforseen circumstances. It has been our goal to raise chemical-free bees that have queen stock that are overwintered here in Indiana, but the learning curve is sometimes steep for us. The silver lining is that the beehives that are strong are survivors and will hopefully make our breeding stock better to overwinter and survive without treatments. Thank you and good luck with your bees!

We have a few nucs that have proven 2012 queens, these nucs may be ready before the 2013 nucs which will have new queens mated and laying in the nuc (these queens have never been caged) that we will create this spring when we make splits from our strongest hives.

We were inspected by the state apiarist for our peace of mind and yours to make sure our hives are as healthy as possible. Here is our inspection report for our nucs in 2012 and we plan on having her out to inspect our hives this year as well.

If you would like to be on the waiting list, please email us at: and we will contact you in the order of the list when the bees are ready, please include your name and phone number so we can also call you if necessary. Please email with any questions you may have as well.

Of course, with any livestock, weather and temperature will affect when the nucs are ready and the time ours are ready may vary between us and other farms and apiaries. We have a limited supply to offer.

If you are a beginning beekeeper, please see this beginning beekeeper page and resource from Randy Oliver, a great beekeeper out in Northern California. He has been selling nucs for a long time and I like his resources and articles on his very helpful website Just like Randy says, hands on experience is really the best teacher, so you are always invited to come out when we are going through our hives so you can go through the hive too.

Also, when you come out to the apiary to pick up your bees, we will go through the nuc together, looking at and choosing a good brood pattern of eggs, capped brood and we will locate the queen. If you are satisfied with the frames and the bees we will shake extra bees into the nuc box and get it closed up for you to take home.

All nucs are on deep frames.

The price for our 2013 nucs is $115 which includes:

  • A proven laying queen that we will find and look at – she is not marked, if you want her marked at that time, we will do that at that time.
  • 5 pulled out deep frames (mostly beeswax, but a few Perco plastic may be in our splits.)
    • 2 frames of capped brood
    • A frame with honey for their food for transport
    • 2 frames of eggs and nurse bees
  • We will also shake some bees into your nuc box before closing in order to have plenty of foragers when you get them home and settled in.

The nuc box that we have to offer for sale is a cardboard box we bought from Mel Disselkeon , you can buy that from us if you don’t want to bring your own nuc box. Those boxes cost us $6.00/ piece when shipping charges were figured in. So, that will be added to the $115 if you prefer to use that nuc box. Those boxes can last a long time if they aren’t kept in the elements.

When coming to pick up your nuc, please bring:

Check or Cash for the bees.
A bee helmet and smoker (can be important on the way home too, just in case).
Bring your own nuc box ready to go, if you have one.

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